Rogene Brittney Jennings

I had another trip to the insane asylum.. They would not let us go to the beach in fear we might have stabbed ourselves with seashells
call to the ocean gods with naked bottles stripped of their clothing to make fancy jewelry
Rogene Brittney Jennings was a rockstar who burned out because she tried to hold fire on a Tuesday
junkies flocked to her funeral holding starfish candles weaving baskets on their knees
when she was a child her sister called her ghost bone thin eating plastic food with baby forks
she grew up like hemp paper barely used

The trip to the insane asylum reminded me of Carla Jean French who overdosed on a bowl filled to the top of imaginary spiders
i watched her pick the dirty ones out with broken legs set them on the table next to the feet of Laura San Twell who talked to her dead babies in the main bathroom’s toilet
come to me my babies come to me I hear you down there playing with the rats I hear you my babies come back to me