dirty broken hearts

made into Santa Cruz with dirty broken hearts particles of cereal on highway 56 young children playing games with sticks
we got a ride from Jorge Toff who drove us to a barn handed you a baggie while birds ate a piece of yarn
I don’t do ice I have done it once never do it again I lied I did I took a hit and away I think I went
the sun was hot you took my hand the truck was really old Jorge was nice he gave us ice church was in an hour
we went to see the people that raised you with success it’s not your fault they are evil fucks
it didn’t go as well as planned we both wanted to leave the sun was hot you took my hand we walked across the street
we sat down on a curb and I drank my beer I didn’t then now I understand why you sleep with tears
peacock man in at the bus stop waving frantically at his shadow he pulled away saw his hands down his pants jerking
don’t look don’t speak never make eye contact with a crazy person you don’t plan on being friends with for more than a year