Oh Mary Ann

Wake up it’s time to go
last night was the best sex I ever had it made me cry
fuck we lost our snipes don’t worry we will find new ones we always do
remember that guy from last night the one who kept tapping his foot
we should have gotten his number his weed was good
probably see him again soon
I hope we never see him again I don’t like knowing them
Hey hey get the fuck back here get the fuck out of here
run run baby run quicker fucking run
here hide here don’t fucking move

why did you tell those fucks that I was a junkie make me look like a fucking punk
I hate looking like a fucking punk why would you say that
they don’t know me or you they don’t care about us or the nights when we are cold
think that are going to save you give you booze fucking feed you for free
think again short stuff hold it fucking think about it
i am sorry i am don’t fucking start that shit why the fuck would you tell that motherfucker what the fuck I do
to my own body what the fuck how many times have I carried you across fucking towns fucking streets running from the cops
your drunk ass how many times baby fuck
you kiss me like you mean it you smile at me with those big eyes
i fall over my feet and break my neck each time

Ok he is gone let’s get the fuck out of here
what the fuck did he want baby
bout to beat my ass thought he could take me down I flicked him away like fucking dirt
run back home little maggot
baby bout what happened yesterday i am sorry
fuck baby water under the bridge forgot about it what the hell are you talking about now
i love you
i love you too baby
how the hell are we going to get out of here fucking hippies stole our shit
don’t worry I made friends with the bears singsong the bears
baby gummi bears don’t exist out here we are in the woods where graves are kept

why did you go with that motherfucker I thought I told you not go with that motherfucking speck
what did he do to you he did something why won’t you look at me what the fuck happened
I hate it when you don’t trust me but you trust all these fucking dirty old fucks with your life
I am the one who catches you when you are drunk before you fucking end up like Humpty Dumpty’s
twin sister
the thing about trust it makes and breaks a fucking relationship
you can’t be all bipolar with this shit i get it I got the sickness too.. I am fucked up baby
I love you baby

where are we down that street I got a friend we might be able to stay there be careful of the dead cats
for some reason they are everywhere on this street it’s like they come here to die
why doesn’t anybody bury the bodies baby well baby because no one gives a fucking shit
to them it is just a dead cat
it was someone’s cat though it could had a name
singsong dead cats dead little cats
hold my hand i can’t take it anymore

Hey Man we need a place to stay sorry bro I got like five people here already
hey you still with Rogue? she bit the dust last year oh sorry to hear about that
it’s fine she was dead to me before she died she deserved what she got
she turned those tricks man while you were in jail last time
i heard she told me she did it for me

God baby I am sick fucking sick shit kenny’s dope always makes my heart drop
please hold me I need to feel your body next to mine it always calms me down
do you got a cigarette I need one really bad baby Solo took our lighter
what the fuck happened to him anyways he grew up in the south
his mom was fucked up he never talks about it much
that’s why he does junk yeah that’s why he does junk baby

solo really married theresa
beat her face in the Safeway parking lot solo doesn’t like women something his mother did to him
solo once fucked theresa in her ass then kicked her out left her in the rain
you were right about her she is a snitch bitch
why does he jump all on me he fucking says the stupidest shit baby
he is harmless he wants you to like him he wants me to know that he won’t fuck with you
trying to get with those lesbians he looks he an idiot yeah solo is fucking stupid but i love him

what is up with all these mexicans picking us up why don’t the fucking hippies pick us up
they drive by with their dreadlocks waving and their fucking peace signs guitars on top of their cars fucking posers
well those last guys had junk in their van it was nice I got high you always get high baby
you always get drunk yeah you are right it feels good to kill brain cells