The Hub is Where I left my Heart

It has been a month since we held hands on our way to the HUB in Salem.. you looked so sexy in ankle chains and I felt like shit. It was fucking freezing inside that uncomfortable bus since there were three guys including you I had to sit in that metal birdcage for six hours. I didn’t mind it though since you were there. Secretly hoping that I would be transported to Portland with you so we could be together but no I was transported with four other guys including the guy in the pink jumpsuit who was pissed off being extradited from California for a charge that was more than seven years old. You said that this was the last time we ever ended up meeting like this and I said all is fair in love and bail jumping. Remember last year? After we caught the biker dude jacking off in my 99 cent bag that I found at Value Village we took his bottle of Oxy’s and left. We fought for the first two miles about something stupid and right before we reached the highway the fucking pigs came out of nowhere. You said well baby it’s been fun but the devil found us, I looked at you and smiled frantically thinking of what fake name I would give these two beef fucks strutting up to us with their hands on their guns. They cuffed you right off the get go told me to step away so I did sat down and took out the bottle of Oxy’s. As they were getting your information I suddenly realized why people become so addicted to those tiny little pills. Officer Fuckawits leaped on me you saw it happen fucking dickhead slammed me into the ground ruining my high even though I took the whole damn bottle. Like a cop a true cop to jump on the little lady when her boyfriend is all cuffed in the car. It must take a real man to pass those pig tests.

That was last year not last month. We were doing so good better than usual it was the pitcher of beer that was our downfall this time. The jello shots and the sand in my hair and that fat cunt punching you in the face. Her apple pipe wasn’t that great. I don’t remember much from that night.. just flashes and vodka spilling Janis screaming and fat blunts. There was that deadhead with glass eyes piss dripping from his beard flashing me his dick while you were in the bathroom.