E area once lived a farmer on a farm a few to consider, and is not mentioned, nor what he called the town. The farmer was ókvongaður, but lived with his busty, Hildur is named, and they surely knew about her family. She had all the expected interior of the home, and brought her most things well out of hand. She was try to please them all the locals and thus the farmer; but, no, that their minds would agree too, as she set a woman and also sought, but viðmótsgóð.

Home Benefits husband was a prime lot, except one, that he was ill with a shepherd people, as he was a sheep farmer was good and the foot went off on his house, if a person breaks the sheep. This was not because the farmer would be hard to collect her, nor of the fact that busty gener those lacking it, she had to give. The other was rather that of the bar, they urðu where old and not always found dead in her bed on Christmas Day morning.

At that time it was tion in this country, that messað was on Christmas night, and was not all festive health to move them to church on Christmas day itself. But mountain towns, from which long was the church, it was nothing the world effort to go for frequent and be back there in good time for them, so standing in for, that there could be only willing to leave home, but the star was already generally asked noon and the third hour, as little bit Nast was that the sheep men would not only husband at home with this.

They do not need that level to protect the town, which always had the habit, someone made a supply nights Christmas and New Year, while other townspeople were at times because of Hildur was a farmer, she had always been so self-invited, as she executed the things that needed for the holidays, cooking, and second, which is subject to, and received over the usually long at night, so that the church people were often come back from frequent, structured, and sleep, before she went to bed.

In such cases had been a long time, a sheep farmer they had all become prey called on Christmas night, took it to be discarded region, and was master of alltreglega to hire men to work this and worse as more people died. Lying is no such suspicion on him or his other locals, they would slay the sheep men, all of whom had died injury free. Finally, the farmer said he can not put it more on his conscience to hire a shepherd out in the open death and must now waste land at their disposal, how does the money holders and their financial situation.

When the farmer had committed this and he was completely rejected the philosophical approach to save some for their order, coming once to his man, sink and hard bearings, and offers his services.

The farmer says, “Do I need your services, so I want you to take.”

A man came saying, “Have you hired a man to shepherd your farm next year?”

Farmer said no and said he was not purposed to do so again, – “and you will have heard, for every disaster shepherd my people have suffered to date.”

“I have heard it,” says the arrival of man, “but the publishers will not scare me from cash storage for you, if you want to have me.”

A farmer gave it to him, by the applied insisting that he hired him for his sheep man. After this interval times out, so that each hugnar well with one another, a farmer and sheep man, all good for him, because he was a courteous man, ódeigur and energetic for all who would try.

Again there was no news until Christmas; then goes to normal, the farmer goes with his household to church on Christmas Eve night, but busty his one at home and shepherd of the sheep; leaves husband and leaves them after such a separately .

Now the the evening, to shepherd comes home after practice; he eats his food and goes to bed and prepared to lie down. Does he now think of, to gently would themselves be awake than asleep, whatever the might intersect, but not at all afraid, and he runs the alert.

When a long interval at night, he hears that the church is the people; takes it a bit and then to bed. He will not even any indicators; while it finds it, when they’re going all the sleeping, the power begins to pull out, as I had hoped, overnight person. Thinks he has badly bent, if sleep should overcome himself, and eats all the energy to cheer off.

Feel now after that little while, before he hears, to come to her bed, and pretends he perceived that there is Hildur busty travel. He blocked the sleep of fasting and finds that she is kneading something in itself. He understands them, this will be gandreið bridles, and promises her to bring it to him.

When it is done to harness it, she teams it out as it was hægast, goes to his back and rides such as the taking, until she gets there, he seems to be some seashore landfill or ground collapse. There she goes back to the stone of one and takes down the reins; after that can he resolves it into the ground water fall.

Sheep’s supervisor was ill and ófróðlegt losing so by Hild, he did not know which of them would be. But there he found that he could well get a bridle; then came the great ancient Eskja. He does not take it to taste, to a new head with a stone on which the earlier mentioned until he comes out of their inhibitions, and let it remain there.

Then he plunges into the earth fall where Hildur had gone ahead. Thinks that he has not taken long for earth ground before he sees where Hildur is: is it already on the basis of fair and smooth, and it is now soon over.

This whole thing does he think he now understood, not to einleikið with Hild and that it will have more tricks of the position than was seen in mannheimum or above ground.

It pretends he knows that it will already show up, if it goes down the pitch after it. He takes the helm covered stone, when he brought on himself, and keeps him in the left hand, and then take him years after her, and left him as he may impose some.

When he applies beyond their lines, he sees great hall and ornate, and rather Hildur there, that way lies. He saw and that crowd comes from the palace and goes out to meet her.Among them is one man, the ranking goes: he was far Güler could have been, and is considered the sheep man as he greets his wife, is Hildur coming, and welcome her; the others, as with the other nobles were welcomed her as queen of her. With the nobles, and two children were pretty child, who came with him against Hild, and welcomed them because her mother accepted most distracted.

When these people had greeted the queen, accompanied her and all the king’s house, and since it provided the virðulegustu received, including when she entered the royal robes and linear reduction of gold in her hand.

Shepherd followed the MUGA to the hall, although the medium in which he was remembered for enter and move, but could however see everything that happened in the hall. In the hall he saw the great and glorious burial, never had he seen such a sight before; was placed tables and food served, and surprisingly it really all that pomp. After a while he sees Hild come into the hall, and she was then dressed in the robes, as has been mentioned. Then ordered the men of the seat, and sit Hildur Queen on the throne by the king, but the court all on both sides, and they eat for a while now.

After that the board brought in, and joined the eunuchs and court dancers to dance play, who they would, while others chose other entertainment, it is preferred motif better, but the king and queen were speaking with him, and seemed to sheep one calls them both fine and melancholy mix.

While ræddust the king and queen, came to their three children younger than those previously mentioned, and they also welcomed the mother. Hildur Queen took it and gently; she took her youngest child and put his knees, and made it such loving; brekaði but it was malware. Put the queen of the child, took a call from his hand and got to play with. The child stopped them and played for a while for gold: but finally lost it on the floor.

There was a shepherd standing near; he was quick, got the ring, he fell to the floor, put him up and kept carefully, and there was none of this was: but all seemed strange, the ring was nowhere, when the search was.

When the fourth watch of the night, went Hildur Queen to move to the type: but all who were inside the hall, asked her to stay longer and were very distressed when they saw the tour format it.

One sheep had been given the attention that at one point in the hall sat a woman, very aged and rather badly: it was the only one of all who were there, is not celebrated Hild queen, when she came, nor leave it away.

When she saw King profiles on Hild and she would not still be in either a place of prayer or the other, he went to this woman and said:

“Take again your comments, my mother, and respect for my petition to the queen of my no longer need to be absence from work and I will be so small and transient unaðsbót to it that they have been for awhile.”

The elderly woman said to him, but reiðuglega: “All my comments should stand, and no one is possible, I take it back.”

King rustling and was heartbreaking return to the Queen, laid hands on her neck and kissed her and asked her yet with gentle words to go nowhere. The queen said she can not help for comment, his mother and thought it likely that they would not often seen because of their terrible, is the lowest, to murder them by themselves would have been so many were the words, now would not be present and would therefore worthy Successor expenses of their works, although it had been constrained to work them.

While she believed this lamentation, was shepherd to keep themselves out of the honor hall, he saw how a rose, and a direct route to the stadium to the ground and function as a trail.Then he put on a helmet covered stone, put on a bridle and waited so that Hildur come.

A low hour comes Hildur Queen there, alone and sad in taste; she sat still on his back and rode home. When she gets there, she boiled a man in his bed and is secured there by his bridle, and then goes to his room and lay to sleep.

While shepherd was all this time glaðvakandi, he his sleeping, so Hildur had noticed nothing else. When she had gone to bed, he has no awareness of the above; he falls asleep fast and sleep the day, as I had hoped.

Morning is the first farmer on his feet all the prayers, because he was concerned to see the sheep’s husband, but was expecting them ófögnuði replace the Christmas party to find him dead in his bed, as had been recently.

As the farmer wears, the other wakes up the household and wear; the farmer goes to bed sheep people and has hands on. He finds them, the shepherd’s life: the matching of all mental glad and praised God aloud for this relief.

Then wake up the sheep man complete and fresh and wear. During the call, he asks the farmer, if any news was brought to him that night.

Sheep Man said no to, – “but a strange dream I dreamed.”

“What was that dream?” says the farmer.

Shepherd begins with the story, as has been said, is Hildur came to his seat and makes him bridle, and then analyze every word and incident, he remembers far.

When he finished the story, put all the sounds except Hild: it says:

“You’re ósannindamaður to all that now, you say, unless you can prove with clear signs that this has been as you say.”

Sheep Man was not re-rosy cheeks with it and seized the ring, he had reached the night of the hall floor in Alfheim, and says: “While I believe I under no obligation to prove the dream story with signs, you want even if successful, I have here no vague witness that I have been with the Elves at night, or this is not a gold ring you, Hildur Queen? “

Hildur said, “Sure enough, keeping all men most fortunate and blessed me solve most of the misery that is my law has placed in me, and I have been constrained to win all the monstrous disgrace, she put on me.” Hildur has the queen her story saying:

“I was the elf of ótignum families, but who is now king over Alfheim, was in love with me. And if his mother would allnauðugt, he went to take me. Became my law as the AEF, it promised to his son that he should receive unaðsbót of me, but should we overlook may from time to time. But to me she put it, that I would become a slave to mannheimum, and followed them very, I would be mannsbani each on Christmas Eve such a way that I would put a muzzle my relationship with them sleeping, and riding the same route that I rode the sheep man this night, to meet the king, and was this the place to go, until crime that proved to me I would be killed, but I met before, sinks and brave man that he should trust to guide me in Alfheimar and could afterwards proved that he had been there and seen the actions of people.

Now it is open, all the former sheep men husband, since I came here, have died waiting for my sake, and I hope that I will not, however, made a complaint because, as I was unintended, because no one has before, to become to explore the lower path and learn about fairy houses but that courage, which has now settled me from my bondage and spells, and I will certainly pay him, but later.

Now the here and no longer waiting times are, and you have good thanks, as I have proved successful: but I desire now to my home. “Having said substrate Hildur Queen, and has never since been seen in mannheimum.

But it’s from sheep’s man say that he married and raised on a farm next spring. Was it both, the farmer did well with him, he went, as he did not put together from nothing. He became the nýtasti farmer in the province, and he always sought the counsel and the liðsemd; ástsæld but his credit was so great that people seemed more likely, and that two heads would be on every animal, and said all of its expansion should be appreciated Hild fairy queen.

Tell this story not all one way, and may for example missagnir people because the way huldukonan went to Alfheim.

In the story of Snotra says that she went out on the sea rocks and spread apart in a light tinge, but threw another working man. So she threw into the sea. It took them so as in smoke or fog for some time, till they came to this country very beautiful.

In the story of Una elf woman says that she took from a chest a red coat and ran down the court, until she came dýi somewhat; where it enters the coat and steps on him. The working man got barely a corner of the coat. Now they went down into the earth, and it was smoked, and they went on. Not the Una man, and so on throughout the found some green.

Finally, says the story of Úlfhildi elf woman:

When all pieces are high on Christmas night, but the work you awake, you will Úlfhildur up slowly, so no one hears, and sneak out of town, but the work you are after. She goes to the lake, and when she gets there, she takes up Glófa and the rumble; occurs when a bridge over the lake; she walks the bridge and the work he is after. When she reached the lake, it rumble glove again, then the bridge disappears. Úlfhildur continues to come, and it seems to work a man being held down to earth, and becomes very dark there, it goes. However, you can work to see her, but ever after. They keep for a long time now on the move, until gradually is the way to brighten. Finally they come on smooth and beautiful throughout; they were so beautiful flowers properties, working man had never seen such a beautiful place. On each side of the road was full of beautiful flowers, and the foundation light pink to look when the sun shone on the fool and fruit. Sheep herd played on flatlendinu, but sometimes she tore up the flowers with enthusiastically.Image