katie was a gimp

katie was a gimp kept opium in her bra
size 6 shoe liked to wear Justin’s size 12 just to offend people
what people she thought she was trying to offend
I had no clue she believed in love for stick people

justin was crazier than the both of us put together
some say something happened to him no one ever asked him
so we just stayed clear
he smoked kamel reds he gave away to the people who lived in the bushes

laurie we met at the dshs, big black eyes
gift from her man who was set for release
bastard said his home was with another woman
after he broke her legs
everything she did another woman
loser kisses good

Molly was the girl we met on the bus out here
seventeen already afraid of salmon
the scales frightened her, just a weird quirk she had
she showed us her secret
her chest zipped up with plastic buttons
bird thought it was quite beautiful
we wanted to lay eggs

joanna was a dirty mommy orgasmed when she had babies
raped twelve times liked every minute of it
we traded cans of beer for a fetus button
she found it in Guam on the back of a sea turtle
just chillin


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