wishing well

I am five weeks pregnant with our first child. In three days I will be alone. Jason has to go to Portland to get his inter city compact done. It could take as long as 90 days hopefully it will be less than a month. During this time, I have to get work done. I get distracted easily. Stick with two things at the most. Finish a thought for once, if my mind jumps from one thing to another just refocus. It is harder than it seems. There are dishes to be done, planting the garden the peach tree the cherry tree the weeding. The painting of the basement and the side of the house. Jason expects a giant smiling sunflower on the side of the house by the time he gets back. God knows how I will be able to pull that off.

In two weeks time, I will have a painting finished for the Rabbit Orphan. The Rabbit Orphan is my baby. I created it for the sole purpose of having a name for my creations. It has taken a while to collect all the things I need to be able to create what I would like to send out into the world. It will take some time but in the end, I know I will be able to succeed.