The Ghosts, My Children

Tanya lived alone with her dead fetus Samuel she kept in the fridge, it had been three years since that night when the ghosts decided to dance and take Samuel as their own. She never left the house, never changed her clothes no one knew how deep it had gone. She was rich, a rich man’s wife. A dead man’s wife, he died while on the road selling frogs in glass jars to teenage girls in pleated mini skirts. He was found with his mouth open maggots squirming bathing in saliva next to the bathroom in the Lillian St Tooks children park. A teenage girl was found shaking blue next to his corpse, he was a bad man she said, the authorities took her away she was never seen again .Tanya was already in labor by the time her husband had his hand up the unfortunate girls skirt. By the time someone found the two in the park Samuel was grasping hands with Gracie the ghost the mother the thief. Tanya kept his eyes her babies eyes in a pill box above the bookshelf, blue like marbles. She threw a fit, she was in a terrible rage over everything she had stacks of hundreds all over her house. The inside of the house was destroyed everything was missing along with her blue marble baby eyes.

Gerald lived in the trailer park willow tree, he never took off his raccoon costume. It had been two years since he was released from the hospital after his mother found him with her next door neighbors newborn.The poor baby was dead, it had been dead for only fifteen minutes, it could not withstand the dunking over and over for the Raccoon Man Gerald had been trying to keep it clean like apples. Due to budget cuts Gerald had been living in his willow tree for about five days. Everybody hated him, he was a baby killer, he didn’t see anything wrong with it. To him a baby was just an apple.


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