it gets better… it does

Dear Devon,
I was just wondering if you plan to have your own kids or do you just plan on pretending that what is mine is actually yours?
I miss Theus so much, would like to send him presents but I know if you knew it was from me you would not give them to him. Not because of anything I did but because that is just the way you are & things will never change.

But some things change and as you can see they did. No longer do I have to think about how much of a social pariah I am or why I wear mix matched socks and wear clothes that normal girls don’t wear. No longer do I have to worry about Dan or Laura or you Devon.. I don’t have to worry about you anymore.. sure I worry about Theus but deep down inside even though I hate you more than I have ever hated anybody & that is saying something… I know you take good care of Theus and for that I am grateful but just know I hate you… I will always hate you..

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