there has to be rainbows, liam

it is this chaos liam you know it is fucking me raw bareback without question. I thought maybe this vacation away from everything the crying the fights fucking traffic of drug dealers and their gimp bitches holding babies with six different dads. you told me to rent this place for us and yet you fucking ignore me liam, you fucking stare at everything you hatedin your mother. you sit there wasting crying over broken glass shattered over twenty years ago in ala friday snow storm. i know it was an experience living in michigan in the trailer with your secrets. The blood on the counter by the bagels, we share the same love for blueberries and plastic melting fire. My hand in yours while you fix. Why the same excuse, I did it for you, you say. You say it was hard I tried baby I tried. The rain is stalking us, Cuban porn mirrored in wet cement. Masturbate together, creamy fingers tugging creases, the smell of vinegar on sewing needles.

You dream of Christmas bitch all the time. Nothing is ever good for you