She screams go take everything you want me too, driving in the rain fast like french kisses

terrible warmth like hell was expecting us just us not the children

the slick ground wet between my thighs been four days since we last fucked

She screams watch me burn, we saw you in the 90’s, we listened to you while we masterbated

having a good time, bags bulging with 3.00 Vera Wang sweater coats, Johnny Cash poster

losing control screaming waving our hands while Sycamore waited for us to wrap ourselves around

Him, we did crash split second coffee burning, terrible screaming buzzing in my ear, baby confused

in my belly, supposed to protect yet still rolling raining, burning unable to cry as people fled the bulding

to help us cover ourselves smooth the ground, easier to lay on than broken glass

Sweetheart what is your name, staring blankly sweetheart stay with us Oh My God is she ok

Stay back let her breathe

She sings, I am the girl you know, can’t look you in the eye

Crying over holes that for some reason can not separate from this mess of this

As soon as it happened, it was over still raining, it was like growing up awkward