Changes in Law will Forbid Foreign and Domestic Extremist Presence in Russian Religious Organisations

Voices from Russia


On its official website, the RF Ministry of Justice announced draft amendments to the law “On Freedom of Conscience”, according to which religious organisations can’t employ foreigners who are persona non grata in the RF, as well as Russians suspected of extremism. The changes relate to Article 9 of the law, and according to the draft amendment, “A foreigner or a stateless person declared persona non grata under RF legislation can’t be legal representatives (or participants, or members) of a religious organisation”. The measure also applies to persons engaging in actions ruled as extremist by proper judicial authority, including the statues concerning money laundering and terrorist financing.

8 August 2012


Editor’s Note:

This plugs a loophole in existing Russian legislation. Langley often uses “Evangelical”, Pentecostalist, Mormon, Uniate, and schismaticOrthodox bodies as cover for its operations (sadly enough, the ROCOR was such a…

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