They rode silently down the highway occasionally flicking ash into the fog. It had been thirteen years since she had been in a car and for him he was looking at thirteen years without one. He had her hand on his face where it belonged searching for ghosts among the trees. I love you she said, I know he replied. It was like they had never been apart. Thirteen years ago, they were young and foolish normalcy was their prison and crime was an escape that never gave them their freedom they so desperately craved.  She took the blame for the four bodies that washed up on a sunny beach near the place they grew up,. After all it had been four years since he had seen his kids and she knew she would never see her little boy again so it made sense to do the time for true love. It was a quick trial she plead guilty to all charges. Murder, Kidnapping, Arson and Failure to thrive. The first six months she pushed what had happened out on the beach from her mind with crime thrillers and cheap sex with jolly rancher dildos. She got a job in the kitchen wondering where he was now who he was with, crying at night she touched herself thinking of him and when they first met. She was eight living with her sister and the boyfriend in a yellow house by the beach. He was ten living like Robin of the Hood in the rocks the kelp the sand underneath the moon out back. His parents he never knew, nobody ever told him because nobody knew he was even there. Seven years ago he just showed up from nowhere dirty and perfect. They became friends in the afternoon after she was standing by the side of the main road staring at a dead horse that had been there for three days. He came out of the bushes twigs and leaves stuck to his face bugs on his arms and said, He should have a name don’t you think? I mean just look at him all dead and in no way shape or form was this a happy death. She didn’t speak at first in fact she had never spoken before to anybody so all she did was nod like an idiot.

It had been sixty days in the hole the pit until she put together the connection of the dead horse and her true love. We should have names she thought. It had always been just us you and me here together. She knew where he was in hiding near the place where they first fucked made love did it her first kiss something romantic? Was it supposed to be romantic if it was bloody? His cock was hard and pink throbbing it moved when she put her lips around the soft flesh. He liked it when she lost her mind while sucking him off. His course dirty hands in her hair saliva dripping mixing with salt water on her knees where after the first time swallowing his cum she knew that this is where she was meant to be.

Back in the car driving down the highway past the ghosts hiding amongst the trees, she fell asleep and dreamed of her child. He had blue eyes she remembered but that was all she could think of. He had been gone such a long time that she thought perhaps she might have made him up. At least she had him, He was her everything and now it was time to run again even though she had not quite finished her parole. Though it was for true love yet again and nobody ever said that true love was supposed to be easy. He said it was not his fault and she believed him of course for he had never told a falshood to her even while she was away for the crimes they committed together, she took the blame she paid the price she had no problem with isolation.

She woke up to find him crying. He cried every morning, he never told her why but she knew. He cried all the time, it was his only way of coping his only way of forgetting. Though heroin was still in the picture that motherfucker made him laugh.