“Look, I know I fucked up the last time I was here. I needed the cash, I was afraid to ask you. It was raining, Fuck. I have missed you, it is the drugs you know. I can’t forget him, no matter how hard I try no matter how deep I cut or how good the next guy fucks me. I hurt all over, the dope calms me down. It is all I have, fucking excuses all the time. I can barely talk let alone walk.”
Her hair was wet, she looked like Mom, Mom was always baking cookies in the rain, the ceiling was fucked off no money for fixing it just for wet cookies that tasted like Oz. Mom died doing what she liked best, eating fresh baked wet cookies in the tub. A stroke. Slutfox and I were at the funeral with six members of the country baking club. The ladies loved my mom, they called her a pioneer. She was amazing. ” I like having you here, just do not steal from me again Kim. ”