I had been walking for days it seemed, the ocean of course was mocking me the whole way. I had done what it had told me to do. I had stolen the book of love. Cotton twine, rabbit ear spirals, pages pressed urgently with black petals. It wasn’t hard to get at all, the person of interest was a regular. A drunk at Stardust Lounge. The hole in the wall for animals with mental disorders. His name was Clark, he was a dolphin with serious issues. I walked up to him in my flapper hat I had found in the mud behind my grandmother’s grave four years ago. Hey there, I had said. I know you. I know what you like to drink, dark ale with fish heads I am sure. Right? I was right. Clark mentioned after the seventh beer that he had created the book out of pink kisses left over from humans that had tried to keep him caged in. I looked around me, there was a fairy with a needle in her arm talking about this magical place called Moonbelly. Supposed to be the greatest place on earth! To my right side, the bartender was talking to himself rubbing one out, his eyes darting everywhere. After the third jerk, he took the glasses and lined them up on the bar for the fairies to dance on. Shaking their booties. They shook them hard.. Tiny sweet pussies peeking out from under skirts mossy and wet, all in a row. It was hard not to notice but after a while, the ninth drink or so I soon blurred them all together. I went home with Clark, I slept on his couch. I fucked the rainbows out of that dolphin. I spent thirteen hollow weeks holed up in his abode. Drinking beer, masterbating, watching crappy anime. Taking knife hits, hiding in his closet. The usual. On our last night toegther, he cooked me food. Slad greens with Unicorn flakes. I guess it came with wishes. It was that kind of lettuce. After dessert of chocolate pudding.. Clark leaned over as if to give me a kiss but ended up punching me in the face. Over and over, he kept telling me to look away. He couldn’t bear to see the look in my eyes. He pushed me away and had a heart attack from snorting too much cocaine he got from the sports bar down the road. Out of his pocket, fell this strange little book. I knew it had to be the book of love. I took that, a wad of cash, his smokes and a case of colorful crystals. Looked around for a few moments, did I really need anything else? After all we did have a few moments Clark was not too bad in bed.. but it still was not the Utopia I had been looking for plus I had to get back to the ocean and give her the Book Of Love.

I robbed a boy of his backpack kicked him in the nuts and walked off down the road. He looked like a little bitch so I figured why not treat him as such. He cried for a few then fell silent as I put his crappy black pack on.. the shoulder strap was green. I had what I needed. One thousand dollars, a book the ocean paid me in mermaid cum to steal from a dolphin with serious issues who turned out to be an abusive fucking asshole. A case of colorful crystals and three Kamel Reds in a smushy pack. I had been walking for sixteen hours, my feet hurt. There had not been a butterfly in sight when I came across a bucket full of Moonbeams. All different colors of moonbeams. The bucket was large , silver crusted with dirt. It looked old. It looked heavy. I tried to pick it up and it was fucking heavy just like I thought it would be.

“Hello there yonder over there, it came from up there just fell to down here. From up there I supoose. Not much happens around here, fucking boring boring if you ask me but then again you did not so I guess I am being rude..Am I being rude? I talk too much they say that is why no one ever comes over anymore because I talk and talk and talk and never shut the fuck up they say.”