a thousand californias

she tossed the wet cigarette into the trash in front of the disco bar that sells over overpriced shots of cheap rum. As far as she knew she was fucked again, no where to go once again in a town full of people who knew her name, she had no friends. She had men, she had fifty or so she could call to help to soothe to fuck her life up again and she of course would let them. It was amazing, that this time last year she had been a blushing drunken bride. To a man she had met at the local diner. He had been charming of course, he had the cash, the wits the charm and his face wasn’t too bad at all. They tied the knot at a chapel run by a goth couple a strange set of folks that did a bunch of angeldust right before the vows. Afterward, they all got stoned and she did things with her mouth that only God himself would be proud about.