in the land of who knows

Once upon a time? Lived a.. hold on.. yes lived a girl named Dolly Shazam. Dolly lived in a gray shack on a hill the only hill in town with her water bong and seven week old pitbull puppy.She had no job, no clue how to get one, well a normal one. Usually when Dolly needed cash she would sell herself or clean imaginary houses. It had been ten years since she had bought the shack on the hill, the only hill in town. She came from the West and beyond. Beyond that? Not a clue. Last Monday was the day thaDolly found her purpose, she was waiting for the bus in front of the taco truck when a whale in a top hat strolled past and asked her for a cigarette. Well, ok. Hold Thanks. So um, this town kind of sucks, my ride never showed and this town is not friendly to whales in fancy top hats.