Those Crazy Girls I Used To Know


James once told me he knew a girl who made fairy wings
out of broken coat hangers string and gauze.
He said she made thirteen pairs,
she kept them locked in the dollhouse for Barbie
her father handcrafted in his insanity for her thirteenth birthday.
maybe Barbie would finally finish something
instead of moping about pining for some guy who took her cherry
then stole her car in the middle of the night
James never knew the girls real name
she had introduced herself on their first meeting
as Jin, her favorite drink at the time
then he ran into her at the local shooting gallery
She was nodding out,
reached her hand out as if to shake his
My name is Lord Crockpot,
she then crumbled into a heap on the cement walkway
James told me he stared at her craving a cigarette
craving a car that had a better stereo system
an ipod hookup would have been nice
He pulled out a crumpled piece of paper
scribbled his number down and artistically placed it on her head
Lord Jin Crockpot never called, he wondered
if he fucked up the number somehow
Though when he thought about it, he knew she was way too self involved
To call a number off a piece of paper she found stuck the side of her face
Jin Crockpot probably figured a way out of this town

She probably waited around the shooting gallery with her bags
smiling with a hustle, she probably made it to Hollywood
the nice part where dogs were walked by pretty girls
where rich people and their cars actually stopped at stop signs
where that saying home is where the heart is
but how can i have a home if my heart was stolen
you could find your heart on the sidewalk laying on a blue scarf
next to shell necklaces and nag champa
At least he hoped so

Paul once told me about this girl he used to know
a long time ago
she was a talented ballerina who liked to pick apart married men
she drew them in with her slender legs an eyelash bat
a smirk meant to be a kiss
she danced with their emotions embraced their cocks
she fell asleep with cum dripping out of her ballet slippers
dance, drink wine, stalk two or three then make her move
she moved gracefully yet clumsy
she could barely stand, she wanted to vomit every time she saw her reflection
Paul said he met her parents on accident, they seemed like very nice people
he then reminded himself that very nice people have deep dark secrets too
this girl he used to know her name was Lauren
Lauren was in love with her father, the man married to her mother
for thirty years
Lauren and her father fucked on the regular basis, they fucked on Sundays
they fucked bareback and without remorse
Lauren loved doggy style, her fathers big daddy cock pumping her raw
it was a sin and afterward was the big night
she danced her sin away as a swan
A swan struggling to fly in a storm of ice cold as death
snow cold as denial, Lauren hated her mother
In a twist, a rotten orange
Lauren wanted to replace her mother, her sweet lovely mother
she wanted her dead
Paul had met Lauren at the store
the fruit aisle
though she was looking for hard red onions, for pasta a dinner her father loved
his favorite
Paul noticed Lauren near the watermelon
she was deciding what one to choose