Will Shue, We Love You

My name is Fall, I have a twin brother named Carl. We were born underneath a waterfall twenty years ago. To be honest, we were found there. Screaming soaked it was terrible though I don’t really remember. I know some parts, because the guy who found us told us all about it. The guy was a felon, he killed a cop back in St Louie, the cop fucked his mom tried to have her killed when she didn’t want to get rid of the baby. He deserved to die in all ways of a right world but the guy our surrogate father went to prison. He escaped though after 63 hours in the big house, he faked an illness fucked the head nurse the way she needed to be fucked and well she gave him the keys, change of clothes and her number.

He took off, got the hell out, slept a couple nights under a bridge. He had to sleep quick, he was wanted after all for killing a cop. That is the chair in 43 states. So he walked fast with his head down ate some chipmunks heard a noise. Found us, that was when he decided to build a cabin the woods. He was the dad, we were his babies. His name is Grant, his legal cop killing name however was Will Shue.