Lola was fourteen high on diet pills
Her first fuck was an emo named Phil
They fucked like rabbits
He fucked her hard, she came like candy
Then he broke her heart
He said it was lust, something humans do
Don’t feel bad now I still care for you
She flipped him off and started to cry
Ran the stairs into the night
The moon was tiny barely a speck
Lola braced herself for a lonely trek
Back to a home where no one cared
A house so empty, a black hole
That house was evil, so dead and cold
Lola decided she fucking hated Phil
She took her bottle, swallowed four pills
It started to rain, it began to snow
She was terrified, so fucking alone
There was a light up ahead
It was a cafe, it looked damn dead
She needed a coffee, she needed a cure
Walked inside and met her
Her was Star, a mighty fine mess
Her husband beat her ironed her breasts
She was only twenty and two
She had no clue what to do
Work was heaven an escape from him
She cleaned the floors
Repainted the trim, a bright green
It was the most money she had ever seen
At that moment, she chewed her pen
Thought of all those times way back then
Before she married that abusive fuck
When she thought all that you needed in life was luck
In walked a girl skinny and bones
She looked like death a walking tomb
Can I have a coffee, can I have some cream?
Star was elated
Just have a seat
The girl was dark, a dahlia brown
I won’t be trouble, I am not from this town
Star brought her the coffee, gave her a cream
Talk to me
What do you mean?