Epiphany Rabbit Malicious Sunbeam

Once there lived a hermit hoarder
Who sat upon a ruby stone
He didn’t value his chair too much
Didn’t give two fucks of his priceless throne
So he gathered his belongings, a trinket a toy
Said fuck you chair, I am no longer a boy
Walked to his car, a beat up gold jag
The tires crusty, floor with hints of a sag
Wind in his hair a gleam in his eye
He passed by an orphan Pegasus
As it learned to fly
He pulled the brakes, not meaning to stare
Called out the window, do you need help there
With a cocksure glare, the voice of a coked out former soap star
The determined little pegasus
To the hermit hoarder
What the fuck man, my parents died two weeks ago
I have been on my own surviving, I don’t need nobody’s fucking help asshole
The hermit drove on
He stopped when he saw a Noobadangle that took his fancy
Oh my heavens he thought excitedly
A Noobadangle in the wild? The flesh?
They are the most beautifulest rarest forest nymphos
They are tall sexy girls, with coal black skin
Red eyes and pure white hair
This one looked hurt, she was crying
Tears made of golden mead and ambrose
Noobas were fucking hot when they were in a pickle
The hermit had a fetish for stressed out Noobas in burlap
He realized he was erect, he was ashamed
Though it didn’t stop him from getting out of the car
Walking to her with a bulging erection
The sack on his shoulder he hoped she wouldn’t notice
He loved the surprised looks on the faces of the ones he stole