How I Met Your Mother

Once there lived a strange little man
Whose house was a castle in a faraway land
His only friends, an obese cat and a goat
With their help he built a boat
A boat that could sail into the sky
A boat so wonderful, a boat that could fly
He tried it out, he was ready it was time
He yelled farewell as he sailed into the night
The sky was brisk, he counted the stars
He started to plummet, he hadn’t gone very far
He fell down to a house with blue walls
Saw a girl smoking a pack of pall malls
He hit his head on an iron grate
Woke up on a pillow with an awful headache
Fuck old man, it’s about time you woke up
I was headed back to work
I was out on my lunch
He turned his head, though it fucking hurt
He saw a cute girl staring out the window in a cheap skirt