Dude.. I am sleeping

In a far away ocean, lived a very angry mermaid
She lived in the Sea Shell Hospital for people with fins wanting feet
Unfortunately, her problem was way more fucked up than
The average crazy
This mermaid wanted to be a soldier for the Americans
She fell in love with the dead bodies that floated to shore
It was like she said it would be
To the dolls she handcrafted out of seaweed
The dolls that got dirty when she was an average mer
I hate my fins,.I crave a skirt
Loathe this pudding
Give me beer
They make the best
Down here

There was only one sane solution that she could think of
Admit that she was a slut
She.. in fact asked for it
Plead guilty, it’s the best chance you got
The world is ending
Get to know
The local street kids.. they will teach how to survive
With the sharks
Be mindful
Average person
Doesn’t know
About the 5
L’s in gullible