Snuff Land

Last Tuesday,
Juju Bee died a horrible death
Found naked, crucified, head down
In a motel parking lot,
an inner city o – zone
Run by no other than the
Infamous Saint Ruby

Saint Ruby put Elizabeth Bathory to shame
He guzzled blood, he liked pink lipstick
On the tip of his cock
On a dead girl’s smile
On his face to hide his thin lips
He was beautiful, the beautifulest
In town, he was he was
His only friend
was his talking silver goose Mildred

Juju Bee was a Daddy Prize Number One
Top shelf high quality snuff
The right look for the right price
To the right killer with a kink

In life Juju Bee was a doll, a real charm
She was an orphan
Most of the Number Ones
Were destitute, when “rescued”
She had been Saint Ruby’s best girl
A favorite of toy makers and B list stars
Juju Bee was fucked by most
Hated by bitches
who wanted the good life
Juju Bee died at twenty three