Iris Nation

The lost find their way to our city They come in droves, each one seeking something different. An escape from; damnation, prejudice, ignorance, intolerance, depressions. All ages all races all of them sharing the same desire to become beautiful sexual beings. Our city is the only place on the planet were everyone is beautiful, perfect creatures. No one unattractive allowed without payment to become beautiful and if your transformation is not pleasing to the Enlightened Iris you will be escorted to the Sea Of Lilies put down like a dog and left to rot bloating.

My name is Odessa, my mother the Queen died in childbirth, my father loved my mother, she was the moon. When the nurses placed the rubies on her eyes for safe passage, my father recoiled at the sight of me. I unlike my moon mother was born ugly. I have no nose, my eyes are in different hemispheres on my face, my hair thin and sparse, my teeth black as coal. I was placed in the tower of dreams, no mirrors allowed. Though the banishment of mirrors from my life didn’t help, I knew how hideous I was.

My father loved my mother, he saw the beautiful her inside the disgusting me. So he saved me for her sake, she would have loved me. I was the dead princess still living in secret. Everybody thought I had been buried with my mother. They hold memory festivals for us. I was supposed to rule but I am doomed to waste away in my loneliness, my sorrow. I have two friends that my father doesn’t know about. Zenpen the black cat my other friend Saum gave to me as a gift. Saum was beautiful, she was blind. Her family was the last of the Roof Dwellers, gypsy folk who lived from to roof. They lived on my tower roof for 6 years. Saum though blind was a skilled climber.