On Lonesome, down that road.

In a far away land lived a girl named Dalia. She was insane, she had  been insane her whole life. Her parents were dead, they had committed suicide during the cold winter five years ago. So it was just Dalia and her imaginary friends living in the house. She loved to play hide and seek with her friends, she always lost. For dinner she had a dress for every day, a blue raggedy dress for dinner on Fridays and a dress made entirely out of gauze for dinners on Sundays. Dalia had no friends, no other place to go. She had never known what is was like to have friends because she had never been to school to make any. Since she had never been to school she had learned the alphabet by vegetable soup with those little rice letters.

All the people near Dalia stayed in the houses when she went for walks. She happily sang to herself while skipping into puddles. Dalia didn’t care if she got wet, it was just water, it wasn’t dangerous. She was around thirteen she decided, when her parents were alive they did nothing but drugs. They had parties grand ones with colorful people, strange people doing strange things. They kept Dalia locked up in a cage near the trailer out back. Her mother would come out twice during the hour and give her tofu in plastic bags. She never said anything to her daughter just handed her the food and walked back inside. It had been that way for years until one morning after a party, her mother didn’t come fetch her from her cage. The cage was made of wood and ribbon and during the night before Dalia stole a lighter from a strangers purse. She burned the lock down and slowly stood up. It was freezing, she was naked. The house was quiet, the house was falling apart. Dalia walked to the house, nobody was talking. Cars were parked out front, keys still in the ignition. She opened the back door and walked up the stairs into the room where her parents lay dead. They had overdosed it seemed. Her parents were gorgeous, even in death they were beautiful but now they were dead. Dalia used the phone to call 911 ran out of the house, hid in the bushes waited until the police came. They came with stretchers, they left with bodies. They used flashlights to call out for Dalia… Dalia… Little Girl where are you? Come out! You are safe now! Dalia was silent. Dalia did not want to go anywhere with those police officers.

Hours went and finally they left. She crept out of the bushes and went inside. Her parents were gone. Dalia wanted to start a fire. She wanted to watch the house burn. So she lit a match and tossed it on the dirty magazines by the mold growing out of the wall. Woosh the fire said.. woosh the fire screamed. Dalia grabbed her imaginary friends and ran out of the house, stood in front watching the house burn. She had an idea, she ran to the backyard picked up her cage and threw into the flames. There she thought. I am free now. I am going to go on vacation.

It was a small town filled with small minded folks. People who loved to voice their opinions but loathed it when others saw things in a different manner. Even though everyone shared secrets, like the pastors wife. She was bisexual and into bondage. She had S&M classes in her basement every Saturday morning. The grocer, the only one in town, he liked to dress up as a woman. Nobody knew that the Grocer was Sally the lounge singer. He had been doing his makeup for twenty six years. Sally had everybody fooled. Where to go though? Dalia didn’t want to stay here, it was so boring even her imaginary friends took off. She knew she was close to the ocean so maybe should could build a boat and take off to paradise. So Dalia built a boat. It was her first boat she ever built so it looked like shit but it floated.

Dalia took off to paradise in the early morning of May twenty third 2011. The water was cold, it was raining and Dalia was soaked but she kept thinking of paradise and fancy tea parties where she would be the Queen. It had been raining straight for three nights and Dalia was fucking hungry. She made a spear from her hair pin and caught a baby jellyfish, ate it raw and tasted like sea water but at least it filled her up for a bit. It was the fourth morning when she noticed a silver can floating about a yard away from her shitty little hand made boat. She paddled with her hands and feet grabbed the can out of the water and pulled the top off. Inside was two pieces of paper.

Dear Dalia..
My name is Walter Walker. I heard about your parents and how they died so I wrote you this letter and attached the will. I am sorry your parents were no good dirty white trash drug addicts. I never got to meet you. I have been bed ridden and very sick. I heard you built a boat to float to paradise. That’s good. That makes me happy. I had my mail man send this can to you, hoping you would find it before you reached paradise. Hopefully you have found it by now. If you are reading this I am pretty sure you did. Attached to the letter is my will. Once you reach paradise. There will be ten million dollars waiting for you there. You can buy a house, a car, pretty clothes ad hopefully a better life. My daughter your mother was a wild one. She was a sinner, she had demons up inside of her that nobody could help fix. She was destined to be bad and die a horrible death. The only good she ever did was have you and she fucked that up.