depressed damaged dinnerware for sale

Is depression happiness with it’s rain boots on?
is it vomiting violently while wearing a pretty black dress?
perhaps depression is breaking a window with a parasol
it might be, it very well could be
is it the darkest blue yet not quite black?
is it jumping into traffic or is it afraid to jump

Is depression a religious sin? is it testing the boundaries?
I think it has to with memories and finally you fucked up
rotten milk and cock roaches, rainbows then it’s raining
unable to breathe smile mind your own business everybody is staring
who cares if smoking kills you
you will probably get hit by a drunk driver tomorrow anyways
or the earth shakes and a brick might fall on your head
the bigger brick the better brick
hopefully my hair doesn’t get too fucked up

Depression is ongoing somewhere over the rainbow on repeat
have some candy little girl, it will make your teeth rot
it can made into lipstick ruin a marriage
over and over it replays in your mind
it is making love while planning your funeral
taking a bath unable to stop swallowing copious amounts of pills
that moment when you realize
you are so depressed you just swallowed vitamins

depression is drinking firebombs, black russians white russians long islands mai tai’s
not sleeping, not eating waiting for the sun to come up
depression is reality, hardcore fact that your imagination is far beyond your control
depression is here walking away in my shoes