Road Trip Fairytale

Chapter Zing

On dark and stormy nights like these, one should expect something strange, odd, to occur. As a matter of fact, something did happen. I was walking to my car to get my cigarettes, bare feet, lone scorpions sleeping in tumbleweed scatters when I stumbled upon this creature. It was tiny, maybe three feet tall, staring up at the stars on it’s slender paws? It’s face was human like but it had two flowers on long stems poking out of it’s head. Then I noticed the wings, orange silver shining under the gleam of the motel parking lot lights. Naked, a girl. I thought perhaps a fairy of some sorts from the desert, wait, a fairy? What the fuck, it had to be the mushrooms we bought back in Denver. This fairy, this hallucination was beautiful, black hair, white skin, extremely long nails turned and saw me staring. I froze, rather embarrassed to be caught, I thought maybe desert fairies resorted to violence when disturbed. I was wrong, she stood up and somehow grew taller. She towered over me. All I could do was say, Hello, nice night we are having. I um well needed a smoke and now that you are here well fuck I need a drink. She kept staring at me, I just stood there thinking of all the times I had gotten fucked up running into the woods naked searching for moments like these. Then, she kissed me. I was shocked but I kissed her back, her wings enveloped me, it was better than sex. We kissed under the motel parking lot lights for what seemed to be hours. When we broke apart, she spoke.
My name is Zing, I don’t know where I am, I am from up there, she pointed to the Moon. I looked up and saw that the moon was purple, a color I had never seen it before. You are from the Moon, I asked. No, not the moon farther much farther. I am from a beautiful place, it was on fire when I left, rather fell actually. I fell for hundreds of years it seemed then i landed here just a few moments before you found me by your car. How do you know what a car is? We have them too but they aren’t like these, they are bigger like mountains, green glass. Everyone has a green glass house where I come from. The king, has a red bone house, made from the executions of mad men.You have a king? Yes, he is grand but evil. He wanted me to be his wife, only for one reason though, what reason I asked Zing. Zing replied, to be his whore. We fucked once on Empathy, a drug so rare that nobody in a million years has found it in the wild.
Empathy you say, well fuck, Zing? Don’t mind me but I am just going to sneak past you and grab my cigs, I really need one, that is why I came out here. Do you have a place to stay for the night? Do you want to come stay in my room until the morning?
I thought I’d try and fly back but flying up is a bit harder than flying down, so yes. I do need a place. I will sleep the sink if you don’t mind. I have always slept in the sink, yes we have sinks where I come from. I am not too different than you, I just have these orange wings you know and my antennas. That is about it oh plus I grow when I stand so I guess physically we have nothing in common.

Zing came to my room, took a shower ate some dried fruit I had bought a couple days ago, fell right asleep in the sink after the fourth pineapple. I woke up and she was gone, so were my car keys and my dried fruit. I knew it, I knew I shouldn’t have asked a fairy inside my room. They will steal your car. Lesson learned

Chapter Dollypin

After that fucking desert fairy Zing stole my car and a bag of nineteen dollar dried fruit, I packed my few belongings and tried to hitch a ride to the city. I needed a drink bad, a good fuck more like it but I guess that had to wait until the right car came by. It took four hours until finally a cop car came swerving wildly down the road. H e pulled next to me, almost ran over my foot, rolled his window down, slurred his words. Wherez the fucksie wants to go? Isie gots a rides for yous. I told him I don’t get into cars with drunk drivers but since he was a stranger and a protector of the peace, I decided he was safe so I got in. He had his pants down around his ankles getting sucked off by this mermaid? Thisie heres my girlsfriends Dollypins, I founds her on the beech! The cop laughed pulled a pipe out smoked some meth and offered me some. I politely refused and looked out the window wondering if my Dad could see me now all the way up in heaven. Fuck it my Dad was a bastard he probably went to hell. Oh well, I looked back at the cop, he has a pretty nice dick for a pig but the mermaid, the mermaid is what kept my attention. She was bald, had blue fins and huge breasts.
So whersie going gonna go toos? The cop came all all over the mermaids pretty face and started the engine. Well, I would like to go into the city, get a hold of my friend. I need a new car, this bitch fairy stole mine just a couple hours ago. I think before 6 am. I am not sure, I was sleeping. Ohsie! Yousa ran into the beech from the moonsie!