Over Me

I walked a thousand miles in fourteen years
Fifty kisses and ninety nine beers, I kept walking
I wandered down the highway, no destination in mind
Found out new things, left old beliefs behind
I pondered my existence, I fell in love
Traded my girl for a beat up truck, I kept driving
I drove with nothing but the moon as my guide
When no one is looking for you, why try to hide
In the darkness, the darkness has no authority over me

I became the King, a mighty God
To people, the world forgot, I kept evolving
There was a dragon I had to slay, fangs dripping venom
Breath infused with flame
I killed him, oh the songs they sang,
Around the fire, dancing hand in hand
With their daughters

I got bored, built a ship, ce la vie
Don’t give two shits, I kept drifting
Cast from waves to sky, back again
Then capsized
I was drowning, sinking to the bottom of the sea
All the moments flashing before me

I saw my dad, I saw my dog, I saw my one true love
When I was happy, the happy I never let myself be
The pain in my lungs, air constrict
Oh good lord this is it

Closed my eyes, my bottom lip was bit
I opened one eye, there was this chick
With a tail, she was holding my hair in her fists
For a fish, she knew how to kiss