Was Perfect

she took the gun, she took it out of the dresser, her dad’s
he wasn’t home, he never was
that guy from the mall, the manager at the sports store
he said, she was welcome at his house
he had always been nice, his wife was sick
so alone, he needed somebody to talk too
his house was far away, she didn’t have a car
the gun was perfect

she packed her bags, flipped off the house when she walked away
she was over it, it was past, it was, it just was
she walked for miles, it seemed like days
It was hot however so she took off her top
It was the country, the middle of nowhere
who gave a fuck?

she came to a corner store, a hole in the wall, not even a payphone
to call home to no one
she walked in her blond head held high, perky tits bouncing
there was a fat fuck behind the counter
she needed money but she knew
this guy was a pervy bitch

so, she sauntered up with her eyes coy and girl it was wonderful
she spoke, she had a quiet voice
mister, I will show you my tits in the back for a pack of smokes
two candy bars, a liter of coke and all the money in your register
if not mister, I have this gun and I will shoot you dead
try and call the cops mister and I will just say rape
you know, let’s skip that part about me showing you my tits

she pulled out the gun cocked like a man
give me what I asked for or you die

the fat fuck took his hands out of his pants
grabbed a pack of pall malls and emptied out the cash
just fifty six bucks into her hand and said we don’t carry coke
well shit, she said, you got Pepsi?
yeah, over there by the candy bars
oh, thanks mister, remember what I said
call the cops and I scream rape you fat fuck

she walked out, didn’t look back, it was raining
she kicked a couple rocks, missing her mother
It was a suicide, she was seven, it was terrible
she found her in the shower, something died in her then