those young girls

Alice put her dress on, her leggings, did her hair and drank a beer

she reattached her eyelashes, checked her email, did her nails

Then she drank another one

She liked cheap beer in the morning, cheap beer for lunch

for dinner she ate nothing but black licorice and roasted peanuts

she worked in the city for a rich old person who never left the bed, she made tea

she ran errands, she looked forward to her death

Alice was in her mid twenties, had three close friends whom she never spoke too

She wasn’t close with her parents , probably since they were dead

didn’t have siblings

 didn’t have a cat but she had one cockroach that she called Miss Billy

MIss Billy didn’t talk much but ALice didn’t give a fuck

Her one and only boyfriend was a transvestite  who worked at a gas station

Her name was Catherine C. C.

Cat C,C, loved pink nail polish and old Christmas carols 

She swore up and down to Alice that she had the biggest dick 

in this fucking small town

Alice knew it, the math teacher knew it, everybody knew it

it was you know Kentucky


Alice had dreams of leaving this town, buying a cat off a crackhead 

A red one she preferred 

one she could sit in a tree with and daydream about talking cats

little kings and pompous dodo birds, long trips to somewhere than here

a ferry boat ride, some sea lions and her first time smoking a joint




Pocahontas, What The Fuck?



Take a hit kid, breathe it in, hold it, hold it, ok exhale

being a princess in the forest has it’s moments

I get to to get stoned with these dudes wearing camo

at first they don’t know what to think of me, i usually have twigs in my hair

birds on my shoulders and a moss outfit I made for free

then one of them usually says all drunk, “hey man, it’s a fairy person man.’
i shrug, the big fat dude hands me a joint and they all just stare at me

we get high, they ask questions, i don’t speak they back away slowly

i get up and walk back to the Hotel my parents own four miles away

take off my dress, get in the shower, change my clothes, go back to the woods

those red neck motherfuckers are cheaper than a drug dealer




Doctor what do you think of Alice? I am afraid Doctor  that she might hurt herself

No, she won’t she is what we liked to call in  medical school, a starstruck slut

one of those girls who can’t grow up but loves the dirty things in life, shall we say?

the dirty things? 

yes, nurse.. those dirty things

dirty nasty daddy craving cock guzzling, cum whore special girls, you know

the kind that wears 80.00 stockings from a factory in Japan


What about Pocahontas?


That girl is what we call troubled, she believes she is something she is not,

she believes it so strongly she will put herself in harms way

just to prove a point

She needs drugs, Nurse, lots and lots of drugs

in a shot, in a pill give it to her or I will

Ignore her imagination, if we ignore her made up self for a period of time

She will realize  she is not a child, she is a young woman

she needs to act like it



Alice smoked some meth before her therapy appointment

it made her calm, she was so anxious without it, she needed it to be happy

happy was something she had to be, otherwise she would sink 

sinking like her heart, that she didn’t even know existed 

until she wasn’t a virgin anymore

meth was something she just happened upon

like a fucking labyrinth in the middle of a shoe store


Pocahontas hated group therapy, she wanted to go back into the woods 

sleep the day away with the tree trunk stump thing that looked like a unicorn 

she didn’t understand why her Mom was making her do this shit

It wasn’t like she had problems, it was not her that was fucked

it was everybody else, she was free in the forest

why couldn’t anyone see that?

She was not about to explain  her revelation to a fucking therapist

they never understand anything

Snow White was born to loving parents, a happy couple.

They loved her, cherished her every smile in pictures up on the mantelpiece but then they died.

Snow White was sent away to live with her Aunt Helen who locked her up in the attic with the rats tied to a chair. Snow White was afraid at first,

she calmed herself by singing the lullabies her mom had sung to her when she was young.

She was ten when her Aunt Helen let her out of the attic

but by then Snow White was already fluent in the beautiful language of the rats.

Snow White had dark hair glossy locks that craved the outer rims of space

She was perfect but insane , she plotted Aunt Helen’s terrible death with relish

that bitch deserved it

it was meant to be

the rats told her she would be happier, she could finally cry