Memory 46

You know how you forget certain things for a long time then all of a sudden the memory pops up in your head at the weirdest time?

Well one time I was in San Francisco with my boyfriend and we were looking for cocaine. Nothing spectacular or too expensive just a couple lines each. So yeah, yeah it was my birthday and I wanted to get fucked up. So we took a bus, I was wearing a fur jacket I had bought for thirty bucks at the Goodwill and a slinky number that suited the slut in me just fine. We first went to a gay bar where I gorged myself on rum and Kamel Reds and as I got drunker and drunker I wanted cocaine but didn’t know where to get some. We walked and walked I was screaming at bricks and flipping people off. When we came to a hole in the wall Mexican bar. I walked right in self assured and horribly self conscious. Got a seat at the bar and ordered the biggest margarita they had to offer. Looked around at all the people looking at me wondering what the fuck a little white piece of ass was doing there. Then it happened. A guy came up pony tail tear drop tattoo dark eyes and all. Looked at my boyfriend and said you looking for something? I said self assured that we was looking for coke the bartender nodded and the guy with the pony tail gave us speed. I’m not one for the high of methamphetamine but hell how many chances does one get to be in this that type of situation? I did a line or two for the experience and those couple lines nearly killed me. But that’s another story.