dr death and the dryad

He was the worst one, they called him the little angel of death. Some called him sir, doctor, please don’t some cried. Those who showed weakness were killed instantly. When they separated her from her mother kicking and screaming, they dragged her away as she heard her mother yell, ” Be brave, be strong. I love you.” She fought back the bile, the strawberries she had for breakfast and passed out in the arms of a handsome man. As she looked into his eyes, she saw her childhood, little did she know. it was the childhood of the child before that looked into his eyes. That handsome man gouged out the eyes of that child, held them in his hand and licked the tiny sliver of blood left behind.
He said nothing to her, she felt safe yet weary of his presence. He took her to a room in the back of a gray building, there was a line of women, mother’s with babies, toddlers clenching their fists in their mouths, red faces streaked with tears. She looked up at the handsome man who smiled down on her, motioned for her to go up to the woman with the razor in her left hand. The process took about forty nine seconds, she watched as the first tendril with a family of lice drop on her nose. She whispered to them, “Remember me.”
But the bitch in her jack boots flung the family of lice into the fire.

The handsome man picked her up, she felt naked maybe it was because that obese cunt stole her beautiful hair. The handsome man told her to hush, hush. She didn’t realize her reality. It was comforting in his arms though she smelled blood. She grew wet, she missed her mother. That sickly sweet smell was her mother. It smelled like fourteen roses in a patch of dirt infested with half dead rats trying to crawl away. She squeezed his neck as he cradled her ass, squeezing her secrets.

Her secrets, She was a princess the princess of the woods next to the camp of death. Her people lovers, they knew nothing of war or pain. They lived peacefully in tall dark trees. She was connected to the great tree of Zwis. Zwis was mother, her mother burning now was mother second. Mother second was mother loved. Mother loved was now mother dead.